Making Sense of the Topics That Help You Make (lots of) Cents.

Monique brings the same matter-of-fact approach to speaking that clients appreciate — down-to-earth and trustworthy. 

With an eye always to how she can simplify life for her audience, she makes complex topics easy to absorb and implement, for better business flow.

Recent Engagements Include

Cannabis Conversations

Business 101 for Cannabis Companies — So, you’ve got your business license, now what?

Getting a cannabis license means putting in countless hours to ensure compliance…and incredible amounts of patience since the licensing process alone takes a year. As a result many cannabis business owners focus so heavily on licensing that they don’t know much about what it takes to run a successful cannabis business or that their deposits also include sales tax and tax liabilities. 

Protecting Your Cannabis Profits Through Solid Financial Practices

The cannabis industry is taking off and expected to contribute $91 billion to the U.S. economy this year alone. As a cannabis business owner, you’re ready to get in on that action, but what are the practices you’ll need to put in place to protect your profit? Although accounting services may feel like an expense because they don’t generate profit for you, they can ultimately protect your profit and add value to your business by helping you understand the story behind the numbers.

What does 280E really mean for your cannabis business?

Cannabis business owners know that they need to be 280E compliant, but they don’t always know how 280E compliance translates into higher level business practices. Monique will help you understand how to:

  • Categorize your expenses
  • Strategically manage your risk
  • Identify and determine your tax liabilities
  • Choose and integrate the software you need 

Cash Flow Forecasting

Why Forecasting is Important and The Tools & Plans You Need 

Managing Your Post-Pandemic Supply Chain

Why Outsourcing Your Accounting Team Saves You BIG